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Design Development


In August 2019, RES submitted a Scoping Report to the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit (ECU) and other key consultees (including The Highland Council) setting out the proposed scope of the environmental assessment work. The maps and figures contained in the report can be downloaded below:

Design development

A public exhibition was held by RES in September 2019 in order to engage with the community early on the proposal. More than 50 people attended the event and over 30 comments forms were handed in. Further information can be found here.

Key design changes have been made in direct response to local community feedback from the public exhibition (and subsequent ‘comments’ period), as well as findings from our on-site survey work and key consultee feedback. In summary, the main design changes are as follows:

  • Turbine numbers reduced from 22 to 17 (and recently, further to 15)
  • Turbines moved off Col-Bheinn
  • Turbines to south of site either removed or moved further back (northwards)
  • WWII plane crash sites (including associated debris) buffered to 100m

These changes have resulted in reducing overall visibility, particularly from Brora and the Doll area, and helping protect more sensitive areas of the site in relation to ecology, ornithology and cultural heritage.